Post Love & Avoiding Terrible Decisions

I make terrible decisions when it comes to dating. My last two partners moved to the other side of the country and I am really not over the most recent one leaving. Along with this, almost all of my hookups I regret. So my solution to avoid these terrible decisions is classifying myself as “Post Love” and I recommend you do the same. Post Love is essentially putting relationships, meaningless hookups and crushes on the back burner. Not bothering with them in any way or form. You have so many other things going on and you do not need the emotional turmoil. There is no fun in that and I have no energy for that. Many people push the belief that the memories and feelings and all of that is worth the heart break at the end. But is it really? I have a great time on my own – I don’t need someone else leaching off that.

Relationships are just too much effort for not enough return. Fighting, stress and general existence with another person is tedious and repetitive. I don’t know about you but I do not need someone else entertaining me or making me happy. I am mighty fine on my own. I’m pretty great (most of the time).

It is important at this point to note that love in this context is sometimes synonymous with lust. With this, I don’t feel I need to go into great detail about random hookups and the terrible decisions that follow. They do not define you in any which way. If you have had heaps it does not reflect negatively (or positively) on your character. They simply mean nothing. Which is great sometimes. But usually at some point will be regretted or classed in the “terrible decision” file.

Per usual, you do not need to take this grade A advice. I probably wouldn’t. Just make sure you refer back to this at some point and feel slightly more satisfied that I agree that you have made a terrible decision but it does not change anything about who you are. Either it be a failed relationship or a dodgy hookup, it doesn’t matter. Don’t stress, the feeling of terrible decision making passes over time. Or you could do what I’m trying to do and weigh less value of the trivial pursuit of love and lust and label yourself as “Post Love” instead.