Going Out & Some Terrible Decisions

Going out is over-rated and yet for some of us if we don’t go out we feel lonely and saddened. Last semester I went out a lot. Like every weekend. Go out, get drunk, have a good time, repeat. At least that’s what we all think happens. We all forgot the terrible parts in between. For example, when I go out I spend way too much money. Every time. I always buy the first round for the group. I love doing this. I don’t know why I just do. And I then expect for my mates to buy the next few rounds. I am a university student. My mates have no money (nor do I for that matter) – they never buy drinks. I have some girlfriends who manipulate guys and get them to buy them drinks. I hate this. I can buy my own drinks, thanks. Even when a gorgeous guy asks to buy me a drink, I still say no and then chat to him. With this, if it is an awkward night or my mates are being boring, I buy the group another round or figure something out to cheer up the mood and have a better time. This is cash-dollar-bills down the drain. I have a few more ritual terrible decisions I make when I go out. If I hook up with anyone it is a terrible decision – point blank. I often decide it’s a fun idea to walk or run home. I never wear layers when I should, I usually wear fewer clothes, it is a dumb idea but whatever, I do not learn from my mistakes. If I did, this blog would disappear fast. I stay out way too late, cause if you don’t go hard, why bother going. I am always going to support drinking. And dancing. And having a good time. You don’t need to go out every night. Down evening are needed. Do not feel shit for staying in. And don’t put pressure on yourself to go out.

Be a badass – if you go out or not.