Fuck This & Be Kind

I feel like shit. Uni has screwed me over. That is not entirely true. One assessment – a pass/fail assessment – fucked my unit up and caused me to fail my unit. I so angry. I am going to spend $3000 on one unit to do one assessment all over again because I messed it up. This is such a waste of time. I have shown I can do the unit and get high marks in all other assessments so I can clearly show I understand the learning outcomes. Fuck this. They were so harsh and intimating and horrid. It makes me so angry that people treat people like this. They were not compassionate or understanding or even respectful. I understand people may be like, “Welcome to the real world” but fuck that. Why can’t people be kind? Or just not complete dickheads. If you can ever just be nice, just be fucking nice. I feel uninspired and awful and like nothing and no one should make anyone feel like that. Fuck that. This tiny little thing has made my life feel meaningless which makes no sense. My life is still groovy. This one unit means nothing. And to be fair I worked so hard at this unit and fucked it up and they fucked up and everything is fucked. Fucky McFuck Face. This is me being really angry. I am so bad at being angry. But still. I do not want to repeat the stupid fucking unit. It would be such a waste of time. But whatever, you can’t fight some shit. You can try but you can’t fight everything, or at least you won’t win everything. It is shit but yeah. Sometimes life sucks, like life can fucking suck. But usually not all of life. Just a little bit. And that can make everything feel like shit. Don’t let one bit of existence fuck over the rest. Other things make life okay and bearable whilst one stupid fucking thing fades into the stupid fucking distance. Just keep on going and breathing and shit will get better. Now this is not necessarily my terrible decision or maybe it is but I don’t know, it feels like someone’s terrible decision or just stupid and dumb and awful and fuck and whatever. If you feel like shit, try not to, cause fuck that, fuck someone else or something else making you feel like shit. In my teenage mind, I’d like to say, you rock, they suck and for fuck sake the world needs to get it shit together. Not necessarily around my one stupid unit failure but about everything. Everyone just needs to be kind for just a little bit. Not even polite. Just kind.

Sorry for the language but fuck this. Drink some champagne.


Terrible Decisions After A Break Up 

Stalking them on social media:

Do not stalk them on social media. This is a terrible decisions. Whatever you see will make you unhappy. If they are seemingly having a good time (which a clever ex will do), you will feel awful, if they are posting lyrics of an old Blink 182 song, you will feel awful that they are struggling. Unless you are super sinister and take joy out of their pain. Either way, don’t do it. My exact advice, in a relationship never make it “Facebook official” because the first person to ditch that will make the other feel awful. Regardless of how in love you are, statistics show you’ll probably break up. Keep it off Facebook. With this, do not block or unfriend your ex,it is petty. But avoid looking at your newsfeed for a while and unfollow them from Instagram and Twitter. You do not need to see what they are up to. I would also probably get them off your Snapchat. Or alternatively never ever look at their story and just Gatsby them (Gatsby: when you post something publicly specifically for one person to see). You want to look like you are having the best time ever (or no time at all, whatever, as long as you do not look like you’re having a terrible time). Also looking like you are having a really good time will probably make you have a much better tine. If you want to post a picture of you at the beach or at a bar or whatever, you will have to go do that and essentially have a good time whilst doing it.

Looking at old photos of you with them or reading old love letters:

Do not throw this stuff away. It is lovely that you and someone else felt this way once but right now, you do not need a reminder that your ex has the potential to be gorgeous. Just pop it in a box and into storage. It is not for now. Don’t delete the photos off your phone. Just take new photos. Gain inner strength to be able to appreciate that time but to not cling to it. Don’t look at the photo at 1:30am crying to “your song”.

Texting them constantly:

After breaking up you can go cold turkey and not text and not see them and just get them out of your life,  you might of broken up but still acting like a couple or you might be going into a great (or terrible) friendship. It might surprise you but all these are totally viable options to move forward. Just remind yourself, you are broken up, gain a tiny bit of distance and gain an element of yourself back. The easiest way to do this is taking an hour or more to reply. I would recommend 2-3. Not every single text but a majority. Nothing will change in that time. The text will still be there. Just take a bit longer. It lets you think through your response and just gives you some time to do something else and not looking at your phone waiting for them to reply.

Hooking up straight away:

Yay! You’re single! Don’t go sticking your tongue down someone else’s throat straight away. Take a few weeks. No one will listen to this advice. I probably wouldn’t listen to it. There are many benefits of a rebound. But you usually just feel awful afterwards or at some point. Just give it sometime. Or at least try.

Any calling in the middle of the night crying:

It is a shame I have to point this one out. Do not do it. Terrible decision.

Bad mouthing your ex to your friends:

Try to seem like the nicest person ever, regardless of how you actually  feel or what your ex is saying about you. You always want to seem like the good guy and you don’t want to be having a big bitch about how they always wore socks when shagging. Just leave it alone. Be kind. It will pay off.

All and all, chill. Go with the flow and be a good, nice person. I know it’s hard but you just have to take life 15 minutes at a time. And even though it seems like you can’t breathe and you need this person – you don’t. You are magnificent. Do not let anyone make you feel any different.